Date client joined us: Sept 2021

Clients niche: Coaching

Before us how they were struggling: High CPA for TOFU training

Their goals: Get maximum enrollments

Their testimonials if any: Nope

+ 0 %

Increase in SQO conversion rate, triple digit
increases across all regions.
+ 0 %

Increase in ROAS. Pipeline also
increased +68%.
- 0 %

Decrease in the cost per SQO. Heavy budget
on highest SQO driving campaigns maximized
cost efficiency.

Marketing is an essential part of any business. It is what helps to spread the word about a product or service so that people can learn more about it, and ultimately purchase it.

The marketing funnel is a model that outlines the steps of the customer’s journey starts with awareness, consideration, and purchase.

It is a common trend for marketers to have all stages of the funnel in mind when creating campaigns. This way they can better allocate their resources and time to convert customers at each stage.

There are many different approaches to marketing, but there are four main areas that marketers focus on: top-of-the-funnel (TOFU), middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU), bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU), and full-funnel marketing.

Full funnel marketing is when all four of these areas are integrated into one cohesive strategy in order to maximize the potential for sales and customer retention.


No ads can fix a bad offer.​

One of my prospects was struggling to get his first consulting client for 25 days. ​

We revised his offer, started ads and within 72 Hrs of onboarding, we landed 4 clients and generated around $1000​

Let’s deep dive into the complete scenario.​

So, the client is in the fitness niche offering consultations for various fitness goals. ​

But due to the cheap pricing of competitors, he was struggling with his first sale.​

It’s quite obvious, if you wanna promote your service for a higher price, you must be a recognized brand.​

But here, this was not the case.​

So, we followed the below steps for better CR.​


Promoting the main product (worth $240) directly through ads without being a brand wasn’t working earlier. That too in the market where competitors are offering similar services for around $50.​

We split the product into 2 levels. ​

Both are basically 1:1 consultations. The first level is handled by their team where they qualify leads, clear their doubts and pitch for the main product.​


Client is really experienced and has around 500-800 happy clients. We collected almost 50 video testimonials. showcased them on our LP [Not All] and that’s the game-changing part. ​

We selected 10 testimonials of people having different working cultures so that the audience can relate to at least any of the testimonials.​

Also, the client was confident with his job, we included a money-back guarantee to boost the trust factor. This is something nobody else was offering in this niche.​


We did psychological changes in the pricing. Earlier we were charging 100% advance. ​

But now, we increased the cost by 2x (which is still less than what brands are asking for the same service) and quoted 50% advance and the rest after they achieve at least 70% of your fitness goal.

This sounds quite promising and worked really well. ​


There was no struggle with the ads. I started with my basic strategy and started getting results on the same day itself.​


  • Total Ad Spend: $33​
  • L0 Consultations Booked: 14​
  • Cost Per Booking: $2.5
  • Total L1 Consultations Sold: 4​
  • Total Revenue Generated: $1000
  • Country: Bharat

Hope this adds some value. Thanks for your time.


“Closing our data gap has allowed us to truly optimize our paid media efforts, globally.”

“In only a few months, the NP Digital team was able to do what our former agency couldn’t. Closing our data gap has allowed us to truly optimize our paid media efforts, globally. The NPD team is a pleasure to work with and we’re looking forward to what the future holds.”

Page Sands
VP of Digital Marketing, ConnectWise

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